Google the go-to tool of choice

Half way through the recent VP debate between Biden and Palin, Google experienced an extreme spike in one particular search term, immediately after that subject was brought up be the two combatants. It seems that one of the largest TV audiences in US election history was Googling for facts, explanations or definitions during the debate to help them make more sense of the issues being discussed. Which in of itself is a good thing, you’d think. 

For example, when Senator Biden talked about the “7,000 madrasses built along [the Pakistani-Afghan] border”, the queries to Google ranged from madrassmadrasesmadrasa, and even madras, a major city in India that’s most definitely not on the Pakistani-Afghan border. 

And that word/term that sent people scurrying for clarification via Google? Nuclear. Be afraid people, be very afraid. Read the full report at the Official Google Blog.

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