Ten recipes for persuasive content


ux_mattersColleen Jones is a contributor to the volunteer-driven, non-profit web magazine, UX Matters.

The mag advocates to deliver compelling content about developing effective user experience (UX) strategies and designing digital-product user experiences that optimally serve people’s needs and satisfy their desires.

In one of her columns, she touted the importance of persuasive, or influential, content and shared relevant theories and arguments, sprinkling in some practical tips and examples along the way. 

“Your content needs to sound like a human being crafted it, not like a system regurgitated it.”

The Dec 01 column brought together a collection of practical tips, or recipes, for persuasive content. Her goal for these 10 recipes was to help anyone who touches content to bake in some influential goodness. For any aspiring (or even establised) web writers, her column makes for interesting reading.

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