A hammer isn’t a house

Image courtesy Convince and Convert
Jay Baer, Convince and Convert

It’s terrific, says content strategist Jay Baer in a recent post, that the marketplace is bloated with companies that are offering whiz bang software to listen, respond, measure, and analyse social media. It’s the fanciest bunch of calculators ever devised, and every company in the space tries to differentiate by chopping up the same pile of data in visually compelling ways.

Don’t confuse tools with metrics

But you can’t be seduced by a tool on your quest to effectively measure your social media program. That’s like recognizing that you love mangoes, and becoming a vegetarian as a result.

You have to know WHAT you are trying to measure first, and then audition candidates for HOW to best perform that measurement. Read the full post at Convince and Convert …

Also see – Analyzing the Metered Model, where Frédéric Filloux in his Monday Note despatch proposes a more transparent option than the too-easily abused and highly dubious metric of UVs (unique visitors).