In the big-data era, is content still King?

By Dorian Benkoil at Contently

A curious thing happened at a recent conference on media measurement, big data, technology, and ad targeting: Speaker after speaker touted the importance of creating great content.

It’s not enough, they said, to have technology send an ad to the right person for a product they might want on a screen they happen to be viewing. That message has to be deftly crafted.

“You can get the right eyeballs in the right time, the right format, and if you put something crappy there,” it’s all for naught, Daniel Slotwiner, director of advertising research at Facebook, said in one panel at the conference, called PeopleFront, hosted by media measurement company Simulmedia.

In the blunt words of Discovery Channel’s EVP of ad sales, Sharon O’Sullivan: “Data is great, but if creative fails, then who cares?”

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