Clarity through strategy

Scott Kubie, Gather Content

If you are a content strategist — in job title, project role, or just in your heart — your job at every point of the process is to facilitate understanding. You might help:

  • Businesses understand the size and scope of their web presence
  • CEOs understand the cost of maintaining old and bad content
  • Designers and developers understand the business goals for a given webpage
  • Writers and content marketers understand your brand’s voice.

Understanding requires clarity and coordination. Getting the clarity and coordination you need to do your job, and to ensure the success of your project, often requires looking beyond the “content stuff” to the entire organisation itself.

To that end, I have developed a framework that you can use as a sort of debugging tool for clarity problems. It is a set of lenses that will help you to identify what’s unclear, make it clear, and document your understanding.

The framework has six areas. A certain amount of clarity is required in each of these areas for any design project to be successful. As you study the framework, consider the area in which you do most of your day-to-day work, as well as where you tend to encounter the most problems. Understanding how these areas relate to each other may help you troubleshoot issues in your projects.

Check out the VMT Framework in full at Gather Content …