Content strategy ‘quad’ gets updated, finally

Kristina Halvorson, Brain Traffic via Medium

She co-authored the original bible, Content Strategy for the Web, a while ago. And even though a second edition in 2012 sought to address the mobile revolution,  the ‘quad’ that underpinned the practice was not keeping up with the times. Well that’s all changed in 2018 as Brain Traffic, the consultancy Halvorson started and sustains, reboots their content strategy ‘quad’. Here’s the original, circa 2010:

Here’s Brain Traffic’s new take.

The practice of content strategy has evolved a lot over the past few years. We’ve seen several newly defined specializations (like UX writingcontent engineering, and product content strategy) popping up all over in blog posts and job descriptions. In fact, there are literally thousands of content strategy jobs in the marketplace today! Love it.

But with change comes, uh, change. As conversations have progressed in the field, we’ve found that our original content strategy quad hasn’t quite held up in terms of capturing what content strategy is today and where it plays in both project processes and operational frameworks.

For example, it’s next to impossible to separate out workflow from governance — one can’t (or shouldn’t) exist without the other. We also recognized that we needed a component that demonstrates the need to integrate content planning along the user journey (versus assigning it as a static component of, say, a web page or PDF). And so on and so forth. So much thinking. Here’s the latest incarnation:

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