UX content design and 2023: The road ahead

Illustration showing person walking down the road with multiple signposts offering many pathways
Image courtesy of Brain Traffic

A lot can change in a year. Recently, we’ve seen explosive growth and transformation—and, scalebacks—impact content teams.

New specialisations and titles have popped up (ContentOps, Conversation Design, and Content Engineering) and even new technology has taken over the spotlight (ChatGPT enters the realm).

Brain Traffic has corralled a bunch of content experts who spoke at their recent conferences (ConFab and Button), and got their opinions on what 2023 has in store and beyond for all things ‘content’. 

Find answers from the likes of Scott Kubie, Jonathon Colman and others to curly questions, covering:

  • What topics and themes do you expect will emerge this year?
  • What skills do content strategists, content designers, and their teams need to adopt in 2023 to stay ahead of the curve?
  • How might ChatGPT impact the content landscape?

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