Product and content designers: A framework for collaboration

Jan Rojcek, Indeed Design

At Indeed (large job site), UX designers and content designers collaborate to design engaging experiences that help people get jobs. When those teams collaborate well, great things happen, whether it’s a design that drives user engagement, design guidelines that keep an eye on consistency, or a product proposal that gets stakeholder approval.

Yet on our UX team, this wasn’t always happening. Team rotations, individual differences in skills and personalities, plus the sudden pivot to working from home created a challenging environment for collaboration. So we decided to set a course for consistently successful collaboration.

We kicked off with an initial retrospective to take the temperature and see how things were going for the team members. Across three subsequent workshops, we identified focus areas to address some shared frictions and guide how we improved our process. Eventually, we developed a repeatable process for improvement and a framework for communication and delegation to enable better collaboration.

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