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Exceed-Stuart-duty-callsIt’s a stud’s life

Their racing days might be over, but champion stallions can still earn millions serving hundreds of mares each year as they shuttle between hemispheres. This  Good Weekend feature in The Sydney Morning Herald focuses on a ‘day in the life’ of Australia’s 2013 champion sire, Exceed And Excel, the first boy to mate with Black Caviar.  (3300 words)


Radovan Karadzic coiffureThe trial of Radovan Karadzic

Report from The Hague, on the resumption of the prosecution of Radovan Karadzic – he with the wavy, silver bouffant and articulate voice – at the International Criminal Tribunal. The former Bosnian Serb leader is charged with 11 counts of genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity. au (2500 words)


victor_chang_thumbThe heart of the matter

Biographical profile of pioneering heart surgeon, Dr Victor Chang, who was tragically murdered on his way to work in 1991. Article coincided with the Sept 2008 opening of the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute in Sydney. Read The Heart of the Matter in full  (2200 words)

tintin-thumbTintin for EU President

Sometimes — more often through good fortune than good planning — you’re in the place where history happens. I’d come to Brussels because it’s easy to get to from my home in Amsterdam, and the prospect of cafés with hundreds of boutique beers on tap held some allure, too. But to be truthful, it was Tintin I was after. Letter from Brussels at (2500 words)

st_andrews thumb portraitPlay where kings swing

Try kicking a footy on the Sydney Cricket Ground and you’ll be arrested.  And serving an ace on centre court at Wimbledom – well, it just won’t happen. Such sporting arenas are off limits to all but elite athletes. But golf is different. Originally published in Golf Australia. (1600 words)


gimme break thumbGimme a break

Might surfing utopia be a perfect wave peeling left or right whenever you ventured to the beach? Maybe, but then you wake up, and go to work or back to sleep. In the surfing quest for the perfect break, artificial reefs are making waves. Originally published in Inside Sport. (2000 words)