Instructional content design

The videos below formed part of a resource library of training materials I developed for during the content migration program. They were complemented by a suite of succinct, humane and compact user guides, like these two:

The success of this SharePoint training and document hub was borne out by the fact that the majority of  new AEM users residing around the world who I needed to train could access and learn in their own time [zone]. This meant reduced chat, email or phone support required from HQ in Sydney.  

None of this existed  before I started with the program. But to train and explain something in simple terms, often to colleagues with English as a second language, meant I had to embed myself very early on  during  Discovery, then work closely with the army of Adobe developers across 4 distinct Agile teams to firstly, bring consistency to the interface labelling and tool tips formatting, and secondly, ensure all supporting artefacts made sense in logical and humane terms. 

Example of self-paced video training module


Storyboard, screen capture and  voiceover instruction for individual CMS component.