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Presenting Editing Essentials on site for the lively crew at the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission.

Writing is one of the most crucial and empowering business skills you can have. But it’s a skill that needs regular maintenance.

No matter your role, industry, level of experience, or employer, being a confident writer at work is such a portable asset. It will set you apart from peers (and job applicants) your entire career. 

Now, there are a million online courses out there providing all manner of instruction. But none have me as the instructor; be that online or on site.

And because writing is not just about placing certain words in a specific order, it’s imperative that in today’s fast-paced, attention-poor environments, your business writing, apart from being clear, concise and compelling, must also take into account:

🤗 a user’s context and expectations
📣 brand, tone AND voice applications (all 3 are separate but related)
📖 inclusive and accessible language conventions
👀 any SEO considerations
⚖  legal and compliance implications.

I’ve built and presented a range of writing courses over the years taking on board those considerations listed above (and more), either for the Australian Writers’ Centre (AWC), or directly with clients wanting a degree of customisation based on their specific requirements:

  • Plain English Business Writing – AWC
  • Editing Essentials – AWC
  • Writing for the Digital World – Direct
  • Words that Work at Work – Direct

AI can only take you so far

Sure, generative artificial intelligence might regurgitate a half decent first draft. But then it’s time for the trusty hand of a human author and editor to hone the text, to craft the narrative into a compelling story.

This is what I teach in my workshops. That is, how to take on board a bunch of contextual criteria (like those listed above), while also applying the right balance of deductive, inductive and abductive reasoning to finesse your content into the best shape possible.

I’m an editor. I’m a copywriter. I’m a freelance journalist. I’m a published author. I’m a UX writer. I’m a content designer. I’m a plain English writing teacher and workshop presenter.  I’m also human.

Which means I can help you, your company, or your employer tell better stories after attending one of my writing courses. Let’s connect.

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